The MIPA SE bears the subtitle „Professional Coating Systems“. According to this leitmotiv we develop, produce and sell coatings with the main emphasis on paints and varnishes. 

Our products are always parts of a system. We do not settle for offering just a single product, but we look after our customers throughout all steps of a coating process and we offer in addition to a main product a lot of further products to complement or to combine. Whilst maintaining the high quality standard, the majority of products provides numerous variations of colours and gloss levels which can be realized by using a mixing or tinting system.

The target customer for Mipa products is a professional user in industry and craft. 

Our quality, information and logistic are geared to this clientele. This includes a tight cooperation with our trade and commercial partners who also supply the same clientele. 

MIPA SE is an international operating company with customer related partnerships and mutual exchange of know-how. We are our customer’s partner for paints and our customers are our partners in the ongoing improvement of our products and processes. 

During the development, production and commercialisation, MIPA SE emphasizes the importance for the protection of the environment and natural resources far beyond the legal requirements. In this regard the main focus is on the protection of the painted object as well as on the use of environmental friendly raw materials and painting systems.  

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